A Victory in a pro wrestling is not just a victory if it’s not ended in style and grandeur. As the wrestlers Indian and foreign prepare for this first season of WIN DKS, there is a special emphasis on how they will end the game. Both Carl and Baliyan are preparing their armies to not only win but also win in style.

Here’s a sneak peak at some killer moves that 5 wrestlers are getting ready with

Andrew Tang is a Singapore based wrestler, who has dedicated his life to this sport. He is a mean opponent and what he lacks in height, he makes up with his broad and chiseled muscular shape. He is famous for picking up wrestlers twice his own weight with perfect ease and simply finishing the match. This winning move christened “Satellite DDT” will be a surefire treat to watch. Tang’s twist to a regular DDT comes in the form of an inverted face lock to the opponent while driving him 360degrees onto the matte.


Zoro is simply electrifying. His entire persona is like a robust and calm looking electric tower that is buzzing with force in its wires while standing tall and peaceful on the outside. Zoro uses his slender physique to his advantage when he twists and turns on the floor of the ring to get out of intense tackles, and he definitely finishes off in style with the “ZORO SHOCK”. In a character-defining act, Zoro revs up all his energy and goes inverted on his palm and sole, confusing the opponent. And follows it up with a quick turn on his head, with a summersault to land on his feet only to bounce back with a hard kick to the chest of the opponent. One of the foreigners who took this blow early into the tournament was Alex Cuevas, who was stunned beyond belief when it happened to him.


Being regimental and organized is what makes Capt Dhruva stand out from the competition. Another thing that makes him stand apart is the respect that he brings to the ring. The captain loves to fight, and loves to win, but before he decimates his challenger he gives them a befitting salute. This is immediately followed by the captain’s knee, which usually kicks in after a short runup and an in the air jump up, which usually possesses the power of thrashing one to the ground and an imminent knockout.


Raaka’s wild streak is a serious threat to all. As he can only be controlled by his manager Shaaka, it is sometimes very difficult to tame the beast when he gets going. One of his favorite and characteristic moves is the chest blow. It starts as he plants himself on an opponent who is spread out on the floor, does a tarzan like a chest thump to himself, and soon shifts the fury to the opponent with a flurry of blows to the ribs and chest. Recovering from these near-fatal blows is very difficult for any wrestler, and in a handicap match in this season, when Rakka is cornered by 4 wrestlers he uses his chest blow maneuver to get out of a tight spot

Crystal, the phillipino femme fatale’, has unique moves that the world has not been exposed to till now. Right from her dramatic dancing entry, to the athletic chokslams, Crystal has all the right moves.
Her finisher is deadly and usually ends it for whoever is in the ring. With her athletic moves, she finishes the competition by placing one foot on the neck of the opponent, while balancing herself on the other foot. In this controlled position, a simple neck jerk renders the victim helpless and eventually falls to the ground, and Crystal scores an easy win.