Height: 6’1
Weight: 84 KG
Signature: Zoro Shock
Finisher: Lightning Splitter

Zoro grew up amongst turbulence in his state of Jammu and Kashmir. However, despite possessing an athletic yet muscular built, he stayed away from all distractions or temptations to charter his course in Pro Wrestling.

He met Carl Hella with a lot of hope and believed he was amongst the top contenders for the cruiserweight category.

He became Carl’s confidante in chief, a sort of vice-captain to the team.

He keeps the team together and also reasons with his teammates when any queries arose. He has a signature spearlike challenge in his entry and the crowd loves it.

Zoro also wins the cruiserweight belt early in the championship but rechallenges Baliyan Akki’s team to fight for it. Zoro has a great vibe and usually becomes a crowd favorite.