Height: 5’4
Weight: 72 KG
Signature: Aatish Wheel Bomb
Finisher: Superboy Moonsault

Stryker comes from a small village in Haryana. He was a weak kid and was often at the receiving end of jokes due to his small structure. Till the age of about 14, he was bullied heavily by his classmates, and could never fight back or answer them.

Fedup and with no option he motivated himself to take up pro wrestling and making sure he would not be taunted or made fun of ever. He is highly acrobatic and can jump more than his height to give his opponent a befitting reply when challenged.

Stryker is also good friends with Zoro and Dr.Smash and he met up with Carl Hella in a gym as they were the first ones to be picked up as the Indian talent for the tournament. Stryker hopes to win the Cruiserweight Belt and considers Alex Cuevas and Ladykiller as his toughest opponents in the category.