Height: 5’11
Weight: 85 KG
Signature: Deep Six
Finisher: Captain Knee

Dhruva as a child became obsessed with the Army. Living close to an armed forces base, he studied the discipline of the personnel that he met and saw every day. He trained hard to look like a mean machine and decided to make a career in pro wrestling yet retain the discipline of the armed forces.

By now, this regimental lifestyle had entered his bloodstream and he organized himself to look like an army man. He renamed himself “capt. Dhruva” and became even more daunting with his battle fatigues which mark his entry to the ring.

Capt. Dhruva was ideally suited for the Hardcore division, and Baliyan Akki also pointed him into that direction right from the start.

Capt. does not believe in idle talk or excuses, and very often in his verbal duel, he is seen shutting up the opponents with his signature line “fight like a man, but don’t bark like a dog”.