Height: 5’5
Weight: 67 KG
Signature: Slingblade, Missile Drop Kick, Meteora, Frankensteiners.
Finisher: Meteora, Destino.

Alex Cuevas is small in stature, but a sharpshooter when he gets going with his unearthly athleticism and moves.

He has trained with wrestling giants like Dick Togo, Emi Sakura, Masa Takanashi and Mike Bailey of DDT Pro and Guanchulo of Chile, alumni of DDT Pro.
He is one of South East Asia’s fastest and brightest wrestlers. He will show why he is called “La Estrella” which translates to “The Star” in WIN DKS this tour.

He is eyeing the Cruiserweight belt since the beginning of the tournament.

“La Estrella” Alex Cuevas Debuted in 2016, he has wrestled in 4 countries; Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Chile. Making India, number 5 on the list.