2FAAN (tufan)

Height: 5’11
Weight: 100 KG
Signature: 2fan Swing
Finisher: 2fan Spear

2faan is an angry tempest that can destroy anything in sight.
He has trained hard and traveled far and wide, to wrestle with opponents who didn’t believe in his talent. When 2faan is on a rampage, nobody can stand in his way. He believes in his brute force and has thrust his might in the ring with a surge of unstoppable energy.

Off the ring, he is a softie at heart and loves to cook. In this season of WIN DKS, on one hand, he will be seen cooking for ladykiller, while on the other hand he will be seen fighting the giants Lokomotive and Angaar.With his formidable talent and heavyweight structure he is a one of the frontrunners for the DKS Champion of Champions belt.