Well, it’s July and the green stuff is back with its fresh, lush and well-manicured season; yet again, Wimbledon is back. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, and winning the event makes you a part of history. With the ‘Big Four’ back in the top four spots, nothing more than this draw could possibly seem more staged.

In 2016, with Rafael Nadal not on the tour since Roland Garros due to a wrist injury, and Roger Federer on a sabbatical due to the knee injury, the tennis world went a little dry. But, Andy Murray struck the iron while it was hot and attained the feat he’d always revolved inches close to. Ever since the world number one has fallen into a big slump and the ‘unbeatable’ Novak Djokovic of 2015 seems to be at the bottom of a pit and still falling.

The year 2017 has painted the tennis scene with different yet old hues, with Rafa and Federer back in action and possibly, in their best form. Fedoholics are content with the 35-year-old Swiss storm’s 92.86 win percentage and Rafa fans are delighted with his unbelievable 17–1 win-loss record on clay.

With the return of the reign of the legends, new favorites like Djokovic have brought about major changes like completely altering his player’s box. Next-gen players like Dominic Thiem and Sascha Zverev stepping their game up a notch adds the extra spice the grass season needs and can bring about the unprecedented twists. Old names appear to be sticking to their throne but the new faces too, are reluctant to bow down and vying for victory.

The women’s draw with home ground favorites like Johanna Konta and old champions like Venus Williams too seems like a perplexing affair. With number one Angelique Kerber tumbling in form, and Serena Williams absent on the tour due to her pregnancy, the trophy is all up for grabs for a new champion.

Wimbledon 2017 is going to keep us seated on the edges and there is not even the slightest chance of it turning into a yawn-fest. It’s time to see whether new conquerors take the limelight or is going to be yet another old rulers reclaiming their crown.

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