Being one of the oldest golf tournaments, the U.S. Open Championship of Golf has many interesting facts related to it. The fact that U.S. Open is also among one of the four majors in the golfing circuit, makes it one of the most followed event by all the golf followers and even otherwise. As U.S. Open remains one of the most coveted golfing events, not only for the fans but the golfers as well, DSPORT tries to dive deep into the history and bring out some of the most interesting facts about the tournament.

Interesting Facts about U.S. Open Championship

  • The first edition of U.S. Open in the year 1895, being not so popular at that time, had to reschedule itself for the America’s Cup Yacht race.
  • The current Saturday / Sunday format was not there initially. It started with Saturday format. The 1964 edition of U.S. Open Championship was the last one with the 36 holes on a Saturday format. Since then it changed to the current Saturday/Sunday format.
  • U.S. Open of the year 1912 held at the Country Club of Buffalo, was the first and the only Open course which had a par 6 hole.
  • The Oakmont Country Club in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has 9 times hosted the U.S. Open Championships. No other venue has hosted the tournament more than the Oakmont Country Club.
  • Ray Ainsley holds the worst single hole record for the U.S. Open Championship. He scored a whopping +19 during the 1938 tournament.
  • The first time the international players were allowed to qualify for the U.S. Open Championship was in the year 2005. Michael Campbell, who won that year’s championship, was one of those nine players who qualified for an English tournament.

The qualification criteria for the U.S. Open Championship is also very interesting. The U.S. Open is open to any professional, or to any amateur with an up-to-date men’s USGA Handicap Index not exceeding 1.4. Players, both male and female, may obtain a place by being fully exempt or by competing successfully in qualifying.

This year’s U.S. Open Championship will be held at Erin Hills, Wisconsin. Erin Hills will be the sixth public access course to host the championship (joining Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Bethpage, Torrey Pines and Chambers Bay). More than 35,000 spectators are expected to attend each day, and more than 5,000 volunteers are needed. The championship will support the community through more than $130 million in anticipated economic impact. DSPORT will live telecast the championship from June 15-18, 2017.

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