The 2017 U.S. Open, starting June 15th, will reach to Wisconsin for the first time. The majestic Erin Hills awaits the golfers to test their control and conviction. Erin Hills features a mix of brutally tough holes, uneven bunkers and plenty of open space creating confusion at each hole. Though the entire course is known for its unpredictable mood, some of the holes take the excitement to a greater level.

DSPORT lists the 5 holes which golfers need to be careful of to avoid any bogey.

18th Hole – Par 5

This hole is certainly one of the quirkiest at Erin Hills. Often termed as “bogey beware” hole, it is nearly impossible to clear it with two shots. One has to be smart enough and use the wind to reach to the greens, otherwise, he won’t be hitting greens even after three shots.

9th Hole – Par 3

This hole is engulfed with bunkers on either side and features 26-foot drop in elevation. One can’t ask for more! Even a slightest of deviation from the green can ruin the game. Here again, the wind is going to play a vital role. Every golfers’ nightmare, this hole, eventually, is a fans’ dream spot.

4th Hole – Par 4

The 9th hole had bunkers on each side, the 4th hole at Erin Hills has bunkers right in the middle! It is that spot throughout the Erin Hill which tests golfers’ tee shot. Slightest of deviation and one tastes the sand.

7th Hole – Par 5

Heavy rough, bunkers, lighter rough, dips throughout the hole are some of the features of the 7th hole at the course of Erin Hills. This hole is surrounded by hazard areas, no matter how perfect one tees his shot. And finally, when one reaches the green, the rightward slope adds to the nightmare.

14th Hole – Par 5

The 14th hole perfectly describes the ‘brutality’ of Erin Hills; if a golfer misses to reach the green in two shots and opt to lay up, he’d find one massive hill welcoming him with all the surprises.

For the first time, Erin Hills is hosting the U.S. Open. There are many golfers who have not played here, so far. It will be a real test for them and all others at Erin Hills. No doubt, s golfer with utmost precision and control shall with this year’s U.S. Open.

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