After a thrilling 301 episode of Ring of Honor, DSPORT brings another electrifying episode of RoH for wrestling enthusiasts. There will be three matches played on this follow-up episode.

Watch your favorite stars from ROH contesting for the title on DSPORT from 04:00 pm on Wednesday and repeat at 09:30 PM.

Josh Woods vs Jay Briscoe

Josh “The Goods” Woods enters the 2017 Top Prospect Tournament with the most robust amateur record of any entrant in the history of the tournament. The former Golden Knight enters the Top Prospect Tournament as a National Champion and was the captain of the 2012 US MMA team.

Woods possibly is the most dangerous in Top Prospect Tournament history.

Controversial, outspoken and the most decorated tag team member in Ring of Honor history, Jay Briscoe has earned the reputation as the most rugged man in ROH. Jay is known for his brutal fighting style and leaves no room for MERCY for his opponents.

It would be really exciting to watch Woods and Briscoe applying their skills and expertise in the ring.

ROH Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

The Tempura Boyz (Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu) vs Coast 2 Coast (Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali)

The stars of RING OF HONOR are all set for the Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match on Wednesday.

The Young Bucks are an American professional wrestling tag team, consisting of real brothers Matthew and Nicholas Massie from Southern California. They are signed to both New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and Ring of Honor (ROH).

The Tempura Boyz is consists of Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu. Both the boys are from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and currently working for the Ring of Honor (ROH). While Coast 2 Coast team consists of Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali.

The Tempura Boyz are set to face Coast to Coast in an action packed Tag Team Match tomorrow on DSPORT.

Four Corner Survival Number One Contender Match (Kenny King, Mark Briscoe, Chris Sabin and Beer City Bruiser)

Four of the fiercest young stars in ROH will vie for a shot at the ROH World Television Title when Kenny King, Mark Briscoe, Chris Sabin and Beer City Bruiser battle one another in a Four Corner Survival Match.

The Beer City Bruiser is one of the largest, most intimidating stars in Ring of Honor. Tipping the scales at well over 300 lbs, Bruiser made his initial impact in Ring of Honor in the 2015 Top Prospect Tournament.  Since then, the stogie-chomping brawler has racked victories in singles and tag team competition.

On the other hand, Mark Briscoe is known for his unique tricks and do whatever requires to pick up the win.

Chris Sabin is a true champion and is recognized for winning championships all over the world throughout his career. With his flashy in-ring style, Sabin creates an immediate buzz during his fight.

Kenny King will try to reclaim his title and will put all his effort to win tomorrow’s fight.

This one match will certainly bring unrelenting violence and lots of thrill in tomorrow’s ROH’s episode.

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