Ring of Honor is back with another thrilling episode and this time it’s Cody vs Christopher Daniels. The ROH fans will be seeing two brutal fighters battling for the ROH World Championship title. Watch the action-packed Ring of Honor episode on DSPORT from 04:00 PM on Wednesday and repeat at 09:30 PM.

Cody vs Christopher Daniels ROH World Championship 2 out of 3 Falls Match

With much fanfare and adulation, Cody is one of the most influential wrestlers in RoH. In his first match, Cody shocked the world by not only defeating former ROH World Champion Jay Lethal but also using low blows and dirty tactics to win. While Christopher Daniels embodies the term, “icon” he expertise unique wrestling techniques.

In March, wrestling veteran Daniels won the Ring of Honor World Championship for the first time—in some 15 years after he first debuted with the company. Daniels has been wrestling for almost 25 years and has earned the respect of people within the business and the fans. Daniels is known as one of the selfless performers in the business, he knows how to help younger talent get over with the fans.

Cody is one of Ring of Honor’s top contenders and is a threat to win the ROH World Championship at any time, deploying moves like the American Nightmare, Beautiful Disaster, and Cross Rhodes to defeat his opponents. The American Nightmare defeated Christopher Daniels in Lowell, Massachusetts to claim the belt – the first time he’s held the main championship for a major televised promotion.

Can Daniel stand in front of Cody’s wrath? We will see tomorrow in the action-filled Ring of Honor episode.

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