Wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat. The origins of wrestling go back 15,000 years through cave drawings in France. Babylonian and Egyptian reliefs show wrestlers using most of the holds known in the present-day sport. Literary references to it occur as early as in the ancient Indian Vedas.

Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. The sport can either be theatrical for entertainment, or genuinely competitive. There have been many wrestling tournaments played across countries, both for entertainment as well as competitive. One of such tournaments is the Ring of Honor (ROH). The tournament, of late, has attracted many eyeballs globally.

Ring of Honor brings the whole new concept of professional wrestling series where ferocious power pack matches are played. The warzone of ROH witnessed some top ranked fierce wrestlers like Tyler Black, Low Ki with the reputation of ‘world warrior’. Roderick Strong, the ‘Mr. ROH’, is known as the 33-years-old ‘Messiah of the Backbreaker’. ROH enjoys the ruthless battle with free-style wrestling. ROH distinguishes its image through the ‘Code of Honor’ which dictates the wrestlers how to conduct themselves during matches.

DSport brings ROH to India. DSport will showcase Ring of Honor every Wednesday at 05:00 PM and will repeat telecast at 09:30 PM.

Here are some of the typical ROH matches with their specialties:

Steel cage warfare:

The ring here is surrounded by a large steel cage but followed the War Games match in that two wrestlers from each team started the match, and after five minutes another wrestler would enter, then every two minutes after another wrestler would enter. The main difference, however, is that the match was an elimination match contested by teams of three, four, or more. Wrestlers can be eliminated at any point by either pinfall of submission.

Fight without Honor:

This match does not require participants to adhere to the Code of Honor, usually, there are no disqualifications and no count-outs, the use of weapons is also involved. The more violent feuds in ROH typically end up with this match. Most Fight without Honor matches are bloody and violent, due to the use of various weapons.

Honor Rumble:

The contestants do not enter the ring at the same time but instead are “assigned” entry numbers, desirable spots via a number of other scripted means. The match begins with the two wrestlers who have drawn entry numbers one and two, with the remaining wrestlers entering the ring at regularly timed intervals, either 90 seconds or two minutes, according to their entry number.

Round Robin Challenge:

Three wrestlers compete with each other in a round-robin tournament. They each wrestle two different matches (making a total of three matches), with the one(s) with the most victories winning the challenge.

“Some guys tends to have all the luck. Some guys have all the pain”. And professional wrestling tends to bring a lot of pain. But with the time it contributes to complete entertainment with drama, fight, and energy. It has the most diverse and exciting audiences out there — full of cute kids, rowdy adults and yes even some women. She’ll likely appreciate the overall experience more than just a typical date night.

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