This will be the first time the two teams have faced each other since the fateful day of March 27, 2013

It is still remembered by fans of Palmeiras and Mirassol . It was on that date that the Lion of Araraquarense surprised everyone by thrashing the Verdão by 6 to 2 in the Jose Maria de Campos Maia. Four years later, the teams meet again on Thursday, at 5:00 a.m., Live on Dsport, for the tenth round of the Paulista Championship .

This will be the first time the two teams meet after the historic sweep of Mirassol. The moment, however, is another and players avoid making any connection between one match and another.

“It is unforgettable that 6 to 2 of 2013. Of course if we win from a half to zero will be thrashed, by their team and the team we have, after all we are doing good work and everyone is helping in the field. To get the classification in Paulistan and have a calendar for the whole year, “said striker Welinton Junior.

With a 100% advantage in Paulistão playing in their domains, Palmeiras is the leader of Group C with 21 points and is already qualified for the quarterfinals. A positive result guarantees the first place to the team led by Eduardo Baptista.

Mirassol, one of the surprises in the state, is the Group D runner-up with 14 points but takes the lead in case of victory as Ponte Preta drew with Santo André on Tuesday and reached 16.

To ensure the first place of the key, Palmeiras will have to pass over many embezzlements and the team that coach Eduardo Baptista will send to the field will be quite different from that won the Santos. The definition happened in activity held on the afternoon of this Tuesday.

Colombians Mina and Borja, Venezuelan Guerra and Brazilian Dudu traveled to defend their national teams in games valid for the South American Qualifiers. Defender Vitor Hugo completes the second and last game of elbow suspension in Pablo in the classic against Corinthians, while the multipurpose Jean is embezzlement with a cleft in the right foot.

Trying to end a fast of four games without a win, Mirassol, as well as Palmeiras, will have several embezzles for that match. Defender Wellington received the third yellow card against Santo André and is automatically suspended. Wallace will be his replacement. Another embezzlement is the goalkeeper Vagner. Lent by Palmeiras, he will not act due to a gentlemen’s agreement made by the two clubs. Coach Moisés Egert has yet to decide whether Douglas or André Zuba will start as a starter but the former takes slight advantage.SAO PALMEIRAS Vs MIRASSOL: Datesheet

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