Lucha Underground is only two episodes old in India, and the amount of exhilaration it has created amongst Indian wrestling fans is immeasurable. The third episode will feature stars luchadores like Mascarita Sagrada, El Mariachi Loco, Mil Muertes, Catrina, Ricky Mandel, Fénix, Drago and Pentagón Jr.

Watch your favourite superstar wrestlers from the biggest pro-wrestling show Lucha Underground exclusively on DSport this Friday at 5:30 PM. Mascarita Sagrada vs El Mariachi Loco

Sagrada is a Mini Masked wrestler and one of the most well-known Mexican Minis of the modern era. Sagrada, who wrestles in the mini division back in Mexico but can still lay the beat down on his opponents. Whereas Loco is crazy, charismatic and known for his Springboard Elbow and Superkick moves.

Sagrada and Loco are brilliant performers and it will be exciting to see these Mexican Luchadores in action.

go to site Mil Muertes (with Catrina) vs Ricky Mandel

In the second episode, Mil Muertes along with his partner Catrina defeated Blue Demon Jr. and this time they will team up against Ricky Mandel. Mandel is an American professional wrestler who currently competes on the independent circuit and also wrestles for Lucha Underground.

Will Muertes with Catrina be able to maintain their unbeaten streak? Watch them in action against Mandel in the next episode of Lucha Underground. Fénix vs Drago and Pentagón Jr. in the Triple threat match

Fenix will be making debut in the triple threat match against Drago and Pentagón Jr. Fenix is a Mexican luchador and known for his moves like Corkscrew senton bomb, Fénix Driver (Sitout double under hook power bomb), La Garra del Fénix (Diving meteora to the chest of a seated opponent) and Spanish Fly (Moonsault slam).

It will be enthralling to see Fenix wrestling against the two giants Drago and Pentagon Jr. in the next episode. You just can’t miss it!

Tomorrow’s episode guarantees ultimate wrestling madness to its viewers. Keep watching DSport and enjoy masked men performing lethal acts. #LuchaOnDSport

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