The ESL India Premiership has been successfully enticing fans and enthusiasts with top class esports matches every day. It’s been 10 day only of the Fall 2017 season of ESL India Premiership and millions of fans have already rated it the number one esports gaming competition in India.

As the Fall 2017 season enters into 11th day today, the fans are going to witness an international match between Indian team, Scorchers and UAE-based team, Risky Gaming . While Risky is arguably the best team in the tournament, Scorchers is a reputed dark horse entering the ESL India Premiership Fall 2017.

The match scheduled for July 28th is going to be a very crucial one for Team Scorchers. The Indian team is not enjoying a perfect run in the tournament currently. However, a win here, today will create wonders for the ailing team. On the other hand, Risky Gaming has nothing to lose, except, maybe a few points if they do lose. For today’s match Scorchers have opted for a line-up featuring dnm, ManaN, Krissh, Mithilf and m0nsteR. Meanwhile, Risky Gaming will go ahead with breAker, havoK, Nami, Kitkat and Karribob. Statistically, Team Scorchers have not beaten Risky Gaming yet, but some of its players, such as Krissh and Mithilf have beaten the UAE team when they were a part of SemperX. So we can really look forward to a major upset in the making! And as they rightly say, anything can happen in a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!

Risky Gaming continues to be the dominant side in the tournament. They have managed to win each and every match thrown at them until now. With the UAE team functioning as a well-oiled machine, it has become an upward challenge for Indian teams to defeat them. On the other hand, Scorchers are a dark horse entering the tournament. This Indian team boasts of a skilled and talented line up which includes Mithilf and Krissh. Under the correct situations, Scorchers can quickly turn into any esteemed team’s worst nightmare!

As far as the standings table for ESL India Premiership Fall 2017 season goes, Risky Gaming sits at the top with 12 points from 4 matches. Meanwhile, Scorchers are placed precariously in the 6th place and just above the dreaded relegation zone. Scorchers have managed to win only two of their 5 games in this month, thus leaving them with only 6 points.

Will Team Scorchers be able to surprise Risky Gaming with an upset today? Tune into Dsport at 2:30 PM IST to catch them live in action!

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