trend e opzioni digitali The September Phase of the Fall Season successfully crosses over to the second half. This phase had begun on the 28th of August and will continue until the 13th of September. The participating teams have already enjoyed their fair share of wins and losses. However, those on the losing side of things will definitely try to pull up their socks and try to get back into the game. One such team that facing this dilemma is Semper X. The Mumbai-based team is not enjoying a good campaign in this phase. They have already played three matches in the September phase, but they managed to win only one. Their opponents, on the other hand, NASR Esports are on a roll. The Middle Eastern team has managed to win every match it has played until now in the September Phase. It is expected that the team will pocket this match as well. However, it should be reminded that SemperX has time and again proven themselves to be a credible dark horse. In fact in the June Phase of the Summer Season, Semper X was the first Indian team to stop NASR Esports in its tracks and beat them convincingly. We wonder if SemperX will be able to replicate that feat once again.

Entering today’s match, SemperX will choose to field Hasnain ‘Impale’ Syed, Jay ‘Fox’ Shah, Akshay ‘Kappa’ Sinkar Swapnil “Markelon” Mahajan and Sharan “BusterrR” Dave. Meanwhile, their Emirati opponents will go ahead with their usual squad featuring Love “havoK” Paras, Abdul “Nami” Aziz Ibrahim, Mohamad “Kitkat” Al Nuaimi and Khaled “Karribob” Al-Junaibi. Will SemperX be able to turn the tables today or will NASR Esports pocket this match as well? Tune into DSPORT at 5:30 PM IST to watch all the action unfold!

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