This is is the biggest rivalry in Brazilian football. Palmeiras and Corinthians have already decided many state, regional, and national championships, not to mention Copa Libertadores semifinals and quarterfinals. Both clubs are based in Sao Paulo and no other major rivalry has had so many trophies involved.  CNN ranked this derby as the 9th biggest in the world.

Many think that Palmeiras were born as a dissidence from Corinthians, which is not true. In the early 20th century, Corinthians was the team for all immigrants. In 1914, people from Italian descent decided to create their own club, Palestra Italia (later called Palmeiras). Corinthians fans and executives nicknamed them “the betrayers.”

The rivalry between them became what it is today by the late 1930s. This was when Clube Paulistano, the team to beat in São Paulo, folded. It meant that Corinthians and Palestra Italia became the two primary forces in the city’s football landscape.

One can make a case that Palmeiras got the best out of their rivals. The team won the 1994 Brazilian League over Corinthians and eliminated their rivals both times they faced off with one another in Copa Libertadores. Palmeiras is also the only visiting team not to have a negative record in Corinthians’ stadium.

In the 21st century, however, Corinthians were far more successful than its competitors. The black and white team won three national titles, a Copa Libertadores, and a Club World Cup. Meanwhile, Palmeiras was relegated twice. The green and white team, however, has bounced back, winning the Copa Brazil in 2015 and the Brazilian League last year.

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