The Jamaican sprinter has already paved his path of glory and proved to the world that he is the fastest man on earth. As a child, Usain Bolt attended Waldensia Primary, where he first discovered and showcased his sprinting potential, running in the annual national primary-schools’ meeting for his parish. By the age of twelve, Bolt had become the school’s fastest runner in the 100 meters category.

Indeed, every win Bolt registered in the international arenas is as special as his first win at the school. No doubt it’s a difficult task, but DSport tries to pick ten best winning moments of this magnificient man. Here is the list for you to read, in order to appreciate and praise the legend that Usain Bolt is!

10. Usain Bolt’s first appearance on the world stage was at the 2001 IAAF World Youth Championships in Debrecen Hungary. Running in the 200 m event, he failed to qualify for the finals, but set a new personal best of 21.73.

9. Usain Bolt’s participation in the 2002 World Junior Championships was held before a home crowd in Kingston, Jamaica, and that gave him a chance to prove his credentials on the world stage again. He won the 200 m, with a time of 20.61 s, 0.03 s slower than his personal best of 20.58 s, set in the 1st round. Usain Bolt won the IAAF Rising Star Award for 2002.

8. Usain Bolt’s 200 m win made him the youngest world-junior gold medallist ever. It is said that the expectation from the home crowd had made him so nervous that he had put his shoes on the wrong feet. However, it turned out to be a revelatory experience for Bolt, as he vowed to never let himself be affected by pre-race nerves ever again.

7. Bolt “the most phenomenal sprinter ever produced by this island” became the first junior sprinter to run the 200 m in under twenty seconds, taking the world junior record outright with a time of 19.93 s. For the second time in the role, he was awarded the Austin Sealy Trophy for the most outstanding athlete of the 2004 CARIFTA Games

6. An appearance in world final made him the youngest ever person in a 200m. Bolt qualified with sprints under 21 s, but he suffered an injury in the final, finishing in last place with a time of 26.27 s. Injuries were preventing him from completing a full professional athletics season, and the eighteen-year-old Bolt had still not proven his mettle in the major world-athletics competitions.

5. Bolt won the silver medal at the 2007 Osaka World Championships and that boosted his desire to run, and he took a more serious and mature outlook towards his career. Bolt continued to develop in the 100 m, and he entered to run in the event at the Jamaica Invitational in Kingston.

4. Bolt set a new 100 m world record on 31 May 2008. At the Reebok Grand Prix held at the Icahn Stadium in New York City, Bolt ran 9.72 s with a tail wind of 1.7 m/s.This race was Bolt’s fifth senior 100 m.[69] Gay again finished second and said of Bolt: “It looked like his knees were going past my face.”

3. Usain Bolt smashed both world records to win 100m and 200m gold. At the 2009 World Championships in August, Bolt eased through the 100 m heats, clocking the fastest ever pre-final performance of 9.89 seconds. The final was the first time Bolt and Gay had met in the season, and Bolt improved his world record with a time of 9.58 s to win his first World Championship gold medal.

2. He gained worldwide popularity for his double sprint victory at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in world record times. Bolt is the only sprinter to win Olympic 100 m and 200 m titles at three consecutive Olympics (2008, 2012 and 2016), a feat referred to as the “triple double”.

1. An eleven-time World Champion, he won consecutive World Championship 100 m, 200 m and 4 × 100 metres relay gold medals from 2009 to 2015, with the exception of a 100 m false start in 2011. He is the most successful athlete of the World Championships and was the first athlete to win three titles in both the 100 m and 200 m at the competition.

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