According to few, the entertainment industry is the highest paying industry in the world. But this is actually not true. Today, sports, in particular, are very well-paying. The highest paid sports stars are among the richest people in the world.

Today there are different leagues for almost every sport. The leagues are paying insane amounts to lure players and have grown faster than any industry in the world. No matter what sport, big-name athletes are the stars of the show, and are paid accordingly. This list is in many ways difficult to construct. When comparing how much each sport pays, it’s important to remember that each sport, and it’s given parent organizations, all operate differently.

Considering all the factors DSPORT has picked up top 5 highest paying sports in the world.


Basketball is one of the most popular and loved sports in the world. It is governed by National Basketball Association and was first played in Springfield, United States. The basketball has a huge advantage with its small rosters. The players get huge amounts of salary from their respected teams, as they also earn in millions from numerous of their endorsements.

With an average salary of just over $4 million, basketball players earn big bucks to try to lead their team to a championship. Because of the worldwide appeal of basketball, and the NBA’s international viewership basis, NBA players also make more money simply based on their star power.


One of the most dangerous sports in the world, boxing has a reputation for paying its athletes’ large sums of money. Boxing championship enables boxers to earn a huge amount of money as prize money. Pay per view also allows boxers to earn big amounts which typically fluctuate with how high-profile the fighters are.  Here, even loser of the fight walks away with more money than an average athlete.

Auto Racing

Auto racing is known as one of the famous as well as highest paid sport in the world. This sport pays on a per-win basis. The involvement of risks is compromised by great winning amounts and several endorsements of reputed brands. For race car drivers, driving at hundreds of miles per hour, the slightest mishandle of the vehicle could mean certain death not only for the diver himself but also for the drivers he may be competing against. With that being said, the risks of the sport are offset by the amount of prize money that comes with winning a headlined race. I

F1 legend Michael Schumacher achieved the first place of the Forbes list of Richest Players in 1999 with a total income of $49 million and again achieved the same in 2000 with $59 million. Long before that, Auto Racing driver Ayrton Senna achieved the 3rd place of Forbes list of Richest Players in 1992 with $22 million and the same year Nigel Mansell also achieved the 4th place in the list with a total income of $14.5 million.


In Golf the system of payment is little different. Here, how much money a player makes is largely dependent on which and how many tournaments he or she may win. Famed golfer Tiger Woods, for example, holds the record for being the highest-paid athlete on the annual Forbes list eleven times. On the current 2016 PGA tour money list, all of the top 23 golfers have earned more than $2 million so far, with Jason Day being at the top of the list with roughly $5.6 million in earnings.

American Football

American Football has gained huge worldwide popularity and has made its place in the top 5 highest paying sports in the world. American Football gives a different excitement and enjoyment to audiences all over the world. With the kind of following American Football has, it’s no wonder why their athletes are said to be paid an average salary of $1.9 million.

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