Volleyball is one of the oldest modern games played by majority of the countries across the globe. The history of volleyball traces back to 1895 in Massachusetts, United States. The game was then called Mintonette and was created by William G. Morgan, a YMCA physical education director. The game took some of its characteristics from tennis and handball.

Volleyball was first introduced in the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris as part of an American sports demonstration event. It later became a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games in 1964.

Interestingly, currently Volleyball is played by more than 800 million people at least once a week. It is one of the world’s most popular sports in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. The objective of the game is to prevent the ball from hitting the ground and to send the ball over the net so that the opposing team cannot return the ball.

It’s a team sport that builds good communication skills, increases upper body strength and is a lot of fun. Considering the worldwide popularity of the game, DSPORT has picked the worldwide top 10 famous volleyball teams of all time. Here’s have a look:

United States Women’s National Volleyball Team

United States Women's National Volleyball Team

The United States Women’s National Volleyball Team is governed and managed by USA Volleyball.  The team has participated in many international competitions and friendly matches. The team won a bronze for the United States in The Olympics (2016), a gold in the FIVB World Championship (2014), a silver the FIVB World Cup (2011) and many gold medals I the FIVB World Grand Prix.

Penn State Nittany Lions Women’s Volleyball Team

Penn State Nittany Lions Women's Volleyball Team

The Penn State Nittany Lions Women’s Volleyball Team represents the Pennsylvania State University. Founded in 1976, the team holds the longest winning stretch of 109 games.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Women’s Volleyball Team

Nebraska Cornhuskers Women's Volleyball Team

Nebraska Cornhuskers Women’s Volleyball Team represents the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Founded in 1975 the team has made an appearance in 11 NCAA Final Four championships and has won four NCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championships.

USA Men’s National Volleyball Team

USA Men's National Volleyball Team

Managed by USA Volleyball, the USA Men’s National Volleyball Team has participated in the Olympics, World Championship, World Cup and World League. This team has grabbed the gold medal in the Summer Olympics (1984, 1988, 2008), World Championship (1986), World Cup (1985, 2015), World League (2008, 2014) and Pan-American Games.

India Men’s National Volleyball Team

India Men's National Volleyball Team

Representing India in international volleyball competitions, the Indian Men’s National Volleyball Team is governed by Volleyball Federation of India. The team has participated in the Asian Games (2006) and the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship (2005).  In 1951, the team claimed eighth place in the FIVB World Championship in Moscow.

South Korea Women’s National Volleyball Team

South Korea Women's National Volleyball Team

As the name suggests the South Korea Women’s National Volleyball Team represents South Korea in international competitions. This team is considered one of the best teams in Asian women’s volleyball. The team earned a bronze for their country in the Summer Olympics (1976), World Championship (1967, 1974) and World Cup (1973, 1977). The team claimed a fourth-place victory in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Iran Men’s National Volleyball Team

Iran Men's National Volleyball Team

Iran Men’s National Volleyball Team is currently considered the strongest team in Asia.  Iran has won the Asian Games twice. They have also claimed multiple victories in the Asian Championship, World League, World Championship and the Asian Cup. Governed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation (I.R.I.V.F.) the team debuted for the Olympics in 2016 and finished at the 5th place.

Dominican Republic Women’s National Volleyball Team

Dominican Republic Women's National Volleyball Team

Representing the Dominican Republic in international volleyball competitions and the Olympic Games, the Dominican Republic women’s national volleyball team rose to international fame after winning the 2003 Pan-American Games in the Dominican Republic.

Texas Longhorns Women’s Volleyball Team

Texas Longhorns Women's Volleyball Team

Founded in 1974, The Texas Longhorns women’s volleyball team represents the University of Texas at Austin. The team has had 7 coaches in its history and has won three national volleyball championships. Texas is the only team to reach the NCAA Regional and has played in 27 NCAA tournaments out of a possible 30 in 2015.

Wisconsin Badgers Women’s Volleyball Team

Wisconsin Badgers Women's Volleyball Team

Representing the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Wisconsin Badgers women’s volleyball was formed in 1947 and they play for NCAA Division I women’s program. The team has had 11 head coaches and have been named the second All-American team by Volleyball Magazine. They have also been ranked third in attendance among all Division 1 volleyball programs in the 2007 season.

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