This Wednesday ROH will air a special episode dedicated to the Women of Honor. Women’s wrestling in ROH has been a major factor in the company’s history from Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze to ODB and the “First Lady of ROH” and ruler of the Kingdom, Maria Kanellis. Giving deserving woman wrestlers a chance the next episode will feature some of the finest women wrestlers fighting for the Women of Honor title. Watch the special episode on DSPORT from 04:00 PM on Wednesday and repeat at 09:30 PM.

Sumie Sakai vs Kris wolf

Sumie Sakai was victorious in the first-ever women’s match in Ring of Honor in 2002’s Road to the Title. Since then, Sakai has earned an international reputation for being one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world, using devastating submissions and her signature Missile Drop Kick to rack up victories. While Kris Wolf immersed herself in an intense training regimen under current STARDOM general manager Fuka Kakimoto, Nanae Takahashi, and Io Shirai and quickly became one of the STARDOM’s top wrestlers. It will be exciting to see how Sakai uses her submission, aerial, and mat wrestling tactics against Wolf in the ring.

Jenny Rose vs Mandy Leon

With her experience and expertise ROH wrestling, Jenny Rose is one of the premier stars in women’s wrestling. Jenny competed against Mandy Leon at the first Future of Honor event in Mandy’s very first match. Since then, the two have shared the ring against one another. ROH fans will get to see two stunning beauties applying their raw power and undeniable talent in tomorrow’s ROH special episode Women of Honor.

Main Event- Karen Q, Kelly Klein, and DeonnaPurrazzo

The main event is going to be a scintillating one. Kelly Klein is one of the most intimidating female athletes in all of the professional wrestling. Employing a physical style and no-nonsense approach, Klein makes her opponent tap out of the game. While Deonna Purrazzo has established herself as one of the hardest-working wrestlers in the world. Purrazzo is one of the pioneers of the Women of Honor re-launch and competed in the very-first Women of Honor bout against Mandy Leon. Karen Q who defeated Kelly Klein in her debut match by count-out will again try out her strategies to win the main event.

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