You all must be wondering what’s all the buzz about Mankading these days. Mankading is one of the most controversial rules in the game of cricket. Cricket which is already loaded with tons of complex rules has this one too in its premise. The term got so much limelight when the Indian bowler Ravichandran Ashwin dismissed English cricketer Jos Buttler in a professional Twenty20 Cricket league. The entire incident divided the cricketing fans but considering the Law 23 (3), Ashwin was within his rights to do what he did against Buttler.

The term has been named after legendary Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad. Under Mankading a bowler is allowed to dismiss a non-striker by hitting the bails before bowling when the batsman is outside the crease in a form of run-out.  However, it is not taken in a very healthy way and some even say that it is against the spirit of the game.

This whole term got popularized when in 1947 Indian all-rounder Vinoo Mankad using the same method dismissed Australian batsman Bill Brown, twice. Once in a warm-up match and then in the 2nd Test of the series. The Australian media known for bouncing things, created a whole rumpus out of it and went on criticizing Mankad and hence the term ‘Mankading’ was born. However, after receiving so much of disparagement, Vinoo Mankad got support from the greatest batsman in cricket’s history and then Aussie captain, Sir Donald Bradman.

The recent incident saw a mixed reaction on Twitter, let’s have a quick look at what cricket fraternity has to say about it.


At one place where some biggies lashes out there only there are a few who supported this incident.


Twitter trolls are the new normal and anyone at any point of time can become its prey. This time its Indian bowler Ravichandran Ashwin. But the question is if any foreign player had performed this then also the media or the cricket fraternity would have reacted in a similar fashion. What’s your take on it? Comment below.

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