The Grand Finale of the DOTA 2 International is all set to make its debut on Indian television! DSPORT in partnership with NODWIN Gaming will be airing the culmination of this mega esports event on Sunday, 13 August from 11 AM onwards. So do not forget to mark your calendars and while you wait, check out some interesting facts about the DOTA 2 International!

The DOTA 2 International is the biggest and most popular esports event out there. Organised by Valve annually since 2011, this tournament has been instrumental in bringing esports to the mainstream. This year, the tournament boasts of over $24 million USD in prize money, thereby making it the richest esports event yet! Here are a few interesting facts about the DOTA 2 International.

Two Time Lucky?

Six Internationals have come and gone, but no player has been able to clinch the coveted Aegis of Champions twice! Will this year, finally be the year? But on the contrary, the probability of this becoming a reality is very small. As of now, only ‘Faith’ remains in the two-time hopefuls list!

Youngest Gamer Millionaire

Did you know, the DOTA 2 International helped create the world’s youngest gamer millionaire? Well, after the victory at the International 2015, Evil Geniuses player, SumaiL became the youngest player to win the multimillion Valve event at exactly 16 years, 6 months and 27 days!

Variable Format

No two Internationals are identical when it comes to the format! Changes may vary from something as small as the number of “best of” matches to something big like the number of teams invited. Coincidentally, the 2017 edition of the International is the first of its kind to feature 18 teams!

Generous Community

Contrary to other tournaments, the DOTA 2 International is a crowd funded one. Every year, Valve initiates the funding process through the sale of Battle Passes. A portion of the revenue from these Battle Passes goes towards the prize pool. In turn, these passes grant users access to premium in-game cosmetic items, apart from helping them show their support for the competitive DOTA 2 scene. Every year, the community helps break the record in terms of esports prize pool by actively purchasing the compendiums and related items!

+10,000 MMR

Gone are the days when 5000-something MMRs were an industry standard. A few weeks prior to the start of the International, Filipino player, Abed managed to breach the 10,000 MMR mark! He was soon joined by MidOne and Arteezy! The 2017 International also marks the first International to feature 5-digit MMR players!

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