On one hand, where the Spanish is taking on the Italians in the Audi Cup 2017, on the other, the English take the German hosts. Liverpool and Bayern Munich have been impeccably performing in the earlier seasons. Audi cup would be a great occasion to watch these top order teams fight. The Reds will face hosts Bayern Munich in this competition and seems to bring their best squad. The German club is not to be underestimated―they qualified for this year’s UEFA Europa League and boast plenty of talent.  The squad for both the teams looks exuberant and dynamic with players like Thomas Muller and Daniel Sturridge.

Audi Cup 2017Thomas Muller – The German midfield & forward has been phenomenal in this season. The Reds are already aware of Muller’s performance and are keeping a track on his earlier performances. Müller’s role can be destructive as an attacking all-rounder. He can play in any of the attacking midfield roles but usually, plays in the center for Bayern, and on the right for Germany. Müller has been praised for his maturity, pace, technique, awareness, and positioning. Even though Müller struggled in the last season, this season he seems to bounce back. Although Müller often comes across as a laid-back, jovial character, he is also a fierce competitor eager to play and win. Thomas Müller is firing on all cylinders again for Bayern Munich, after a difficult 2016/17 campaign in front of goal. A consistent scorer and creator of goals, he describes himself as a player who can find gaps in the opposition defense but not particularly good at dribbling or one-on-ones.

Audi Cup 2017Daniel Sturridge– The English forward and an occasional winger, is giving an edge to the Liverpool squad. Sturridge, who only started seven Premier League matches last term, has been involved in all four friendlier so far and the manager has been delighted with his contribution on the training field. His ability to still drop between lines and pull wide and attack defenses, similar to former strike partner Luis Suárez’s playing-style. He is an extremely quick player, and he has a technique with pace which makes his game magical. He has played in almost 259 matches and scored 98 goals. It would be interesting to see a century in this Audi Cup from Sturridge. The most number of goals has been with the Reds in the field. His fitness, skill set, agility is making him a valuable addition to this squad for Liverpool.

With worlds best clubs clashing, this Audi Cup’s amazing football action is inevitable. Liverpool and Bayern Munich will sincerely try to lock the bars for Muller and Sturridge, but will they be able to find the opportunity! Big match waits for the football fans write us your predictions in the comment section below. Live the Game!

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