All riders can agree that while some of life’s greatest joys come to cycling out on the open road. Cycling is one of the most fun and exhilarating sports around. It’s important to not lose sight of the things that make cycling great.

12 Stunning Cycling Facts and Records

  1. The record holder for a motor-paced, flat surface is Fred Rompelberg. In 1990 he broke the previous record with a speed of 167 miles per hour!
  2. The slow cycling record is held by Tsugunobu Mitsuishi of Japan. He remained stationary on a bicycle for 5 hours, 25 minutes in 1965.
  3. Kurt Osburn, the “Wheelie King,” is the Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Wheelie. He set the record in 1998 after riding a wheelie for a stunning 11 hours. He has also performed a wheelie from coast to coast- an effort that took from April 13th to June 25th, 1999.
  4. The smallest adult bicycle has wheels made from silver dollars!
  5. There are approximately a billion bikes in the world!
  6. In 2016, Kurt Searvogel, 53, broke the Highest Annual Mileage Record (HAMR). He accumulated 75,065 miles in one year riding a short loop around a park in Tampa, Florida. That’s over 208 miles every day for a year!
  7. Erik Skramstad set an unsual record on June 23, 2009 in Las Vegas when he cycled 23.25 miles in an hour- using no hands!
  8. Perhaps the oldest record holder, 105-year-old Robert Marchand cycled 14 miles in 60 minutes, setting a record in the 105-and-above category.
  9. Andrew Hellinga, of Austria, set the record for the longest distance cycling- backwards! He rode nearly 210 miles – backwards – in a period of two days in 2013.
  10. Feel the strain when you’re facing a big hill? Try being Peer Schepanski or Gil Bretschneider. They rode at an altitude of 23,658 feet on Muztagata in China in 2009. Or try to best Wolfgang Mader, he cycled 83,156 feet vertically over a period of 48 hours. For the record, he biked up the face of a mountain in Austria- 46 tiimes!
  11. The longest tandem bike ever was 67 feet long and seated 35! That’s practically a school bus.
  12. A bicycle can continue upright with no passenger at a speed of 8 miles per hour or faster.

These interesting cycling facts and records prove that the bikers continue to defy logic with their passion for the sport.Do you have any of your own to share? Let us know your cycling facts and records in the comments below.

Source: Kass & Moses

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